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The Perfect Way To Cruise Through The City And See The Sights Is Just One Click Away With Rockstar Yatchs. Explore the Cityscape from a New Perspective and Sail Through Dubai’s Waters With Our Best Yacht Rental In Dubai!

Rockstar Yacht Rental Dubai- Celebrate Every Moment

Renting a yacht in Dubai to celebrate your special occasions in the peaceful and serene waters of the Arabian Gulf is simpler than ever. We are RockStar Events Exclusive, your top choice for Yacht Rental Dubai. We specialize in offering a range of luxury yacht charters perfect for any occasion in the heart of Dubai Marina. Whether it’s a private celebration, wedding or corporate event, a Yacht Birthday Party Dubai, or a luxury cruise trip, our yacht cruise dubai fleet ensures a memorable experience. Book a yacht with us and get unparalleled service with RockStar Events, where every voyage is tailored to perfection.

Our Top Yacht Rental Dubai Packages

Explore Our Top Yacht Rental Dubai Packages that turn your celebrations into special moments. Our Dubai Yacht rental company offers options for every occasion on a relaxing cruise in Dubai. Choose from various event packages, From small gatherings to large parties, romantic cruise trips to corporate to create unforgettable memories. Explore the stunning Dubai harbor and take in the breathtaking views of the Dubai Sea on a boat tour. Remember Our luxury yacht rental offers the best for every occasion.

Birthday Party Yacht
Rental Dubai

Celebrate your birthday in style on a luxurious yacht rental in Dubai!

- Gather up to 15 of your closest friends for an unforgettable experience at just AED 2200!
- Enjoy a 3-hour cruise with stunning views.
- Step onto the Dubai yacht with a red carpet entrance fit for royalty.
- Indulge in a live BBQ menu served onboard.
- Delight in a custom birthday cake just for you.
- Dance the night away with a complimentary international DJ!
Want to invite more friends? No problem!
- For up to 25 guests, it's only AED 3399!
- For up to 35 guests, it's just AED 4199!
- And for larger gatherings of up to 50 people, it's AED 5499!
Make your birthday dreams come true on the waters of Dubai. Book your yacht celebration today!
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New Year Yacht Party

New year Yacht party

With us yachting in Dubai Marina, enjoy the festivities, plan New Year’s parties, and so on. At the big countdown celebration, invite your loved ones to join you in making lifelong memories with our luxury yacht rental in Dubai. Nothing is more captivating than gathering under the stars in the middle of the ocean, having a delicious cruise dinner around glittering views of the Dubai skyline. We offer the best packages. Don't wait to Book a Yacht rental with Us.
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Private Yacht Rentals Dubai

Propose your love on luxury yacht Rental Dubai

Set the stage for romantic memories that will last a lifetime with our Luxury Yacht Proposal Services in beautiful Dubai City. Sail away on a private yacht, surrounded by the stunning beauty of the open sea and a backdrop of the setting sun and views of the dubai skyline. It’s an intimate proposal, our Luxury Yacht Rental Dubai services creates the perfect atmosphere to express your love and start your journey.
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100ft House Boat

100 Guests


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100ft Medusa Yacht

22 Guests


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Lucian Yacht

22 Guests


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110ft Benetti

50 Guests


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101ft Majesty

50 Guests


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100ft Playboy

100 Guests



Discover breathtaking vistas and iconic landmarks aboard our luxurious yacht charter in Dubai.

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Seamlessly reserve your dream yacht for rent in Dubai with RockStar Events for luxury.


Indulge in gourmet dining, thrilling water sports like jet ski with cheap boat rental dubai

Special Events

Elevate celebrations with bespoke yacht rentals Dubai experiences tailored to perfection

RockStar Yachts: Best Yacht For Rent in Dubai

When it comes to booking a yacht rental in Dubai, Rockstar Yachts stands out as a reliable and professional company.  Located conveniently at Dubai Marina, we makes it convenient for guests to embark on a yacht cruise to explore Dubai’s breathtaking treasures, its striking shoreline and skyline. Whether you’re looking for a boat tour or a yacht tour, Rockstar Yachts has the perfect options for your needs. Don’t miss out on their yacht offers and dinner cruise options for a truly unforgettable experience.

Along With that We also offer a variety of yacht rental Dubai marina event  packages  for those looking to explore the city from the sea. From planning a luxurious yacht party for a special occasion or a yacht birthday party, Rockstar Yachts has you covered. With affordable rates for yacht parties in Dubai, you can celebrate your special occasion in style on the water. Top of the all Our luxury yacht rental options in Dubai Marina are top-notch, ensuring a memorable experience for all guests.

How Does RockStar Yachts Ensure a Luxury Yacht Experience?

UAE, which is close to the Arabian Sea, is the perfect destination for travelers from all around the world who love to enjoy fishing, boat parties, and water activities. At RockStar Events, we provide the best yacht rental experience in Dubai, catering to all your maritime needs. From jet skis to speedboats to deep-sea fishing, motor yachts to exclusive yachts, booking a tour in Dubai with us guarantees unforgettable moments on the water. We ensure a smooth yacht booking Dubai process, with our professional crew and friendly staff ensuring you and your loved ones have a fantastic time with us while taking in the stunning city skyline on a luxury yacht in dubai. Additionally, Our unforgettable yachts serve as more than just vessels; they are venues for creating lasting memories. with us, you can throw birthday parties, host corporate events, arrange family get-togethers, and much more.

RockStar Events, the best charter company In Dubai, always helps you plan your yacht tours based on your budget and the number of guests joining you. Suppose you want to book a superyacht or mega yacht rental packages but you are out of reach financially, we offer a variety of alternatives in the same budget, such as boat rentals, so you can still experience the beauty of Dubai’s marinas without breaking the bank having luxury yacht experience. Moreover, When it comes to making your cruise trip an unforgettable experience, Our Expert Yacht Rental Dubai team will make every effort to ensure you receive the best services on the day of your charter tour in the Arabian Sea. Don’t wait for a moment ,hire yacht dubai and get the best yacht charter deals with us.

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Luxury Yacht Rental in Dubai - FAQs

A yacht rental in Dubai is a tour activity that allows you to rent a yacht for a specific period to enjoy cruising along the city’s stunning coastline and nearby attractions.

Simply let us know your desired departure date, time for the charter, and all of your expectations for the cruise tour, how many people will be attending and we will suggest the perfect yacht according to your budget.

When renting a yacht, it might be difficult to know where to begin, what deals are available, and Which model, size, amenities, and crew members are involved. Nevertheless, we can assist with our expertise in everything from yacht types to destinations here to help you. 

Yes, you can rent a yacht for a day trip in Dubai.

Various types including luxury yachts, fishing charters, party charters, motor yachts, and sailing yachts.

No, you do not need a license to rent a yacht in Dubai.

Typically, no minimum age, but children should be supervised.

It can Depend on the yacht size, usually from 10 to 100+ people.

Costs vary widely based on yacht size, type, duration, and services included.

What Our Happy Client Say About Us

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I booked with Rockstars last year, The whole crew was so amazing and everything was so professional from start to end. I’d recommend it to others and book it again!
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Rockstar yachts made our Dubai tour memorable. From booking to departure, everything was just fun, we were taking pictures, and enjoying food. We highly recommend everyone to book them.
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I booked the trip to celebrate my fiancé's birthday and Rockstars made it the same as everything I needed. It was a perfect experience. the prices were also lower than others. Thanks a lot
Jennifer Smith
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I had my 30th birthday on a Rockstar Yacht and it was amazing! The crew was super professional and decorated everything perfectly. The yacht was also beautiful. It was the best birthday ever!
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I decided to Celebrate New Year on a Rockstar Yacht and it was my best decision ever. The fireworks over the water were so cool.It was the perfect way to start the new year, and I can’t wait to do it again!

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